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Frequently asked questions:

What size pool table is "regulation" and what size pool table should I purchase?

A regulation pocket billiards table (or pool table, as commonly known) has a playing area half as wide as it is long.  The most

common sizes in North America are 7-ft. (39" x 78"), 8-ft. (44" x 88"), 8-1/2 ft. (46" x 92"), and 9-ft. (50" x 100").  Most home enthusiasts will purchase a table as large as possible to fit the dimensions of the room while others will purchase a table identical in size to those where league pool is played.  Check our room size chart to see how much space each size requires.



Slate is natural rock and is, without question, the best playfield for pool tables.  Slate is hewn and milled into matched sets to create a uniformly level playing surface which, if handled properly, won't warp or deteriorate over decades of use.  No man-made material has yet been marketed to equal slate and we are proud that all our tables, with the exception of outdoor styles, are equipped with 3-piece  genuine slate playfields.

What are AccuFast cushions?

Accu-Fast cushions are an Olhausen exclusive having a K-66 profile and made in the USA of the highest grade 100% pure gum rubber.  Olhausen stands behind Accu-Fast cushions with a lifetime warranty because these cushions are crafted without cheap fillers and are made specifically to Olhausen's proprietary formula.  Read more about Accu-Fast cushions..........

Can my pool table be moved?

Before installation, think carefully about where you want the pool table to be positioned.  Once installed, your table should not be moved -- even a little bit -- without taking it apart.  The table's 3-piece slates are uniformly matched and sealed with beeswax, and even a small amount of motion can cause the table to become unlevel.  Furniture-style pool tables are not designed in the same manner as  coin-operated tables which can be trucked on their sides for swift installation.  Furniture-style pool tables are designed to be dismantled, moved, and then reassembled in order to protect the wood components and especially the slate which is extremely fragile in addition to being heavy.  And yes, pool table moving is one of our services.

What is slate? 

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